Research Interests

How-Wei Chen is a team leader in computational seismology. His main research has been engaged mainly with seismic wave propagation in heterogeneous 2D/3D media, migration imaging and Inversion. The extended interests include integrating geophysical methods with applications to strong motion prediction, energy resource exploration, subsurface structure imaging, containments detection and monitoring through field experiments, physical models and theoretical developments. Over the years, his research experiences have been spanned in using seismic/GPR/ERT methods for near-surface/archaeology geophysics, wide-angle onshore-offshore active source seismic exploration, strong motion analysis/prediction studies and large-scale tectonic structure imaging using passive source seismic data. Advanced imaging and inversion algorithm development, petro-physical properties investigation through AVO/AVA and well log data analysis are currently being pursuit for gas hydrate and geothermal related projects. Deep structure imaging through utilization of tele-seismic, regional and local earthquake data by array processing of active/passive source seismic data are part of the active research attentions related to TAIGER and TAICRUST projects.